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About Us


Handcrafting images of Love & Adventure.


on March 19, 2007, a boy sauntered up to a girl in a bar on a cruise in international waters. he stole a kiss that night and she was a goner. discovering they lived 1000 miles apart didn’t change the way they felt even though all around them thought they were crazy. well maybe they were but when you find the one that makes you feel at home no matter where you are, who knows you better than you know yourself, nothing can stop you. they became best friends and partners in crime. he proposed on a carriage ride in central park after asking her parents for her hand in marriage. she moved 1000 miles to live in the same city as him. they got a crazy little too-smart-for-her-own-good so-cute-she-gets-away-with-everything rat terrier named Bella who stole their hearts. they got married. they went on lots of roller coasters. they fell in love with traveling. they discovered inspiration in so many things around them…food and art and movies and music and tv shows and light and shadows and moments. that’s our story, and that is what has compelled us to tell the unique stories of over 200 couples to date in our favorite art form…the image.

Wes & Liz - Hawaii, 2016
We believe wedding photography doesn’t have to be boring or traditional or old fashioned or cheesy or overly staged. it can be real and raw and beautiful and compelling. it can tell a story. your story by us.